This weekend I caught a TV show on PBS about travel.  Rick Steves goes to Iran. I was interested because there is so little I have ever seen on TV about Iran except all the bad stuff. I decided to watch and decide for myself.
   Even though Steve explains that he was only able to record, view, go where the government allowed him along with a government provided guide,  it was a travel show. He went to major cities in Iran, showing the sites, mosques, various historical sites and Iran’s close ties with Persia. He also spoke with various age groups of people which for me was the most fascinating.
   The people were warm and welcoming. Many stated, “we love America.” The statements were not what I found fascinating,  but the fact it confirmed what I believe which is we are not the product of our governments. It is our governments that lack the trust between themselves, but the people still have the compassion and curiosity about other people.
   I have always thought that no matter what country it is, a mother still protects her children, still weeps if they are injured, starving or worse killed. A father still provides, protects and worries about his family. Children are still innocent no matter what part of the world they are in. The universal human experience is everywhere which is what binds us. We really are all the same just different countries, colors, religions but our fears, concerns and compassion’s are the same.
   If we humans could see people for our likeness instead of our differences wouldn’t things be so different. Unfortunately,  as adults we think we know better and are doing what is best for our countries but in the big picture of life it really just hurts us. It ever divides us into US against them.
It really becomes all about our Egos! We are a more progressive nation. We are more civilized than them. Our religion is better than theirs. Where does it ever stop? War doesn’t even stop it. It has been going on since the beginning of time.
   The next time you see the news or a program about another culture or country, try to have compassion even if things are different from what you know and believe. It is changing how we think and react to difference that one day could change the world. One person at a time, one thought at a time.

Always here with you, friend


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