Love you

   This is mainly for women but it can apply to men as well. Are you in love with YOU? Do you feel your worth?
   For many of us, society, advertising and family have taught us that how skinny we are, how beautiful we are and how sweet we are gives us value. But as we age, we begin to realize this just is not true. You are valuable because of the things you have done and brought to this planet. You have birthed and raised children, worked jobs, kept a home tidy and clean, helped with PTA, volunteered, been friends and neighbors and most of all brought the special gifts you call you!
   The size of your butt, the lines on your face, the size of your breasts and the scars are just parts of what make up the real you. You are a sum of ALL parts. When you feel less because of physical stuff you diminish all parts of You. It is like when the sun is out and a large cloud passes over and creates shadows. Your feelings about physical flaws place a shadow over all the parts which are wonderful.
There is no one in this world just like you. This fact lends to the bigger butt, smaller breasts, upturn top lip, and other physical differences. It makes you a sum of all that is special.
   Next time you look in the mirror and wish you had something in your physical appearance to change, ask yourself if you want to look and be like everyone else? Do you want to just fade into obscurity or stand out as the special person you are? Learn to love all those flaws. If you can change something such as weight, then I encourage you to do so because of health reasons as well as it will lift your spirits and make you feel better. But if it is on your face or body and it was given to you at birth, try to see it’s uniqueness. Try to learn to love your uniqueness.
   I have learned with age to change the things that I can such as improving health, exercise and improving my mind but I have also learned to love those things that for years made me distraught. In particular were my skinny legs, long monkey arms and thick curly hair. I now see my arms as being able to carry babies, hug people tightly and carry large boxes that most people could not. I see my skinny legs as my foundation to carry my body, the one part of my body these days that doesn’t gain weight! My thick curly hair is a godsend now as I get older because if it begins to thin, I got lots of it.
   It took me years to begin to see my flaws in a new light and a lot of looking in the mirror and telling my self I loved me just as I am. Today I am proud of who I am, the whole good, bad and uglies.
Be proud of who you are, love who and what you are and be your own best friend because you are special and unique.

Love and blessings to you.


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