Recently, I took up photography after receiving a digital SLR camera. I had to look initially for those shots that would capture the moment or beauty of the subject. Every bug, bird, animal and flower was my prize. I took closeups frequently , trying to capture the colors and textures. I would hurriedly  run into the house with my newest pictures to download them to the computer to see it “on the big screen.”
   I accidentally took some great pictures.  I say accidentally, because I am self taught and still learning. I framed many of these pictures, not just because they were truly beautiful but as a reminder that even novices like me can capture beauty.
   A few years later and something in my head and eyes have changed. It is now impossible not to see color and beauty in almost everything. My eyes have become the camera. I have noticed more things like a small child seeing for the first time. Last fall was the most colorful I can remember in my lifetime. I saw colors in the pastel range I have never seen before. I have seen birds with additional colors I never knew they had. I am unable to go on a trip without gasping at the beauty of this country. I am in love with creation!
   I encourage you to either begin taking your camera and take pictures of the beauty around you or in the least go out and pretend you have a camera with you and look for the “shot.” It will train your brain to see the color and richness that is all around you. Letting your eyes become a camera lens can do more for your life as a reminder of the gifts we are given constantly.

I am here with you!


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