Sacred space

As I stood in my bedroom after spending over a hour cleaning, changing sheets, putting the thousands of pillows on the bed it occurred to me that this was my favorite space in my home. I had spent months thinking about this space and what I wanted. Did I want light and airy such as pale blues, greens, white, pale yellows? Was bright and colorful more my style like bright turquoise, reds and yellows like a santa fe necklace?
One morning I woke up with sun streaming in the blinds I had forgotten to close the night before. My eyes hurt from the darkness of my eyelids to the now starkness of bright filtered light pouring in the window. Bright colors were out! I wanted a sedate, quiet, tranquil bedroom with only splashes of color to tease my eye but not strain it. I chose earth colors of gray, ivory, beige and dotted rusty melon throughout.
I bought used furniture to convert because I developed such ideas I could not buy them. I shopped in unusual places to find just the right armoire because suddenly my bedroom had a french, traveled flare. My bedroom began to take on a place I love, France and the thing I love to do, travel.
I then added one of my favorite things in nature; birds and butterflies. My bedroom was not feminine yet it was me! It felt like my soul when I walked into that room. The room is not to impress anyone, get compliments on how tasteful or show my decorating abilities. It was solely designed for me and my peace. Some day I will show you but for now it is my sacred space that harbors a piece of me. Everyone needs to create a sacred space somewhere! A place when you walk in your soul can say, “ah, I am home!”

Always with you my friend


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