The very first book I read on the subject of petfood  was Buyer Beware-the crimes, lies and truth about petfood by Susan Thixton, copyright 2011. Why this book you may ask? Because I already had started to read labels and had many questions about the chemical names I was finding. This is a wonderful book to tell you about the petfood  industry, the very few regulations and all of the other stuff we have never given a thought about. I recommend it highly if you truly want to understand. If we are going to change the pet food industry we must understand what needs changed.

   The first additive I want to address is what many companies are adding to cat food, MEnadione Sodium Bisulfate Complex. I am not going to argue for or against, but what I am going to ask of you is to use common sense. This is a man made version of Vitamin K, which for lay purposes I will say it is a blood clotting vitamin. Yes it is essential but in minute amounts. We get it in our diet and mainly through dark green leafy vegetables. A small amount keeps our clotting factors healthy. But anything in excess is usually not a good thing. For instance, a pet food brand called Sheeba uses it in every product. If you only feed this brand to your cat you are potentially building too much of this vitamin up in your cats system. I have seen posts by people telling of feeding their cat only one food that contained the MEnadione and their cat died. Is it true? I have no idea but the key is moderation for both you and your pets. It is better to have 2 brands of food,making sure one does not have it in it and rotate the food. 

   The additives of dyes, particularly blue2, red40, and yellow 5&6.  These dyes have much controversy linked with them which I leave you to look up. Basically the companies use dyes and flavor to cover up what is actually disgusting to humans. I do not use foods with dye in them and you should not appreciate them for putting it in your pets food either.

   More people are increasingly becoming concerned with GMOs or genetically modified organisms. I believe there is enough common sense worry to these to limit your diet containing these which is mainly corn, corn oil,canola oil and soy.  By limiting or avoiding these sources in your diet and theirs you have just decreased theirs and your exposure.

   Ethoxyquin- a chemical preservative which was developed by Monsanto, is linked to some serious diseases.  It is not allowed in human food but used in animal feed is another story. This is used mainly as a preservative for fish meal and used in some pet treats. Worse, they are not required to put it on a label when used in small amounts. Again, I say moderation with diet and pet treats. Do not give the same treats or pet food brand over and over.

   Wheat gluten in any form is just a risk for allergies. Manufacturers like to use it as glue so they can “glue” together garbage and make it look like meat so the consumer believes they are feeding a healthy meaty treat to their animal. As Susan points out, a meaty treat would cost at least 3.75 a can but you pain 1.25. I doubt there is very little meat in that can. You get what you pay for. The company wants profit. 

   Sodium Selenite is added as a mineral additive which is only needed in trace amounts however it is in every dog and cat food out animals and I high doses can be toxic to blood, liver and muscles. Did I mention moderation I diet?

   I Am also going to address this for cat people. We humans are being told to limit our exposure to Tuna so limit theirs please. They are so much smaller than you so their exposure risk is greater.

   There is a ton of other stuff they have found in pet food including arsenic but I will instead encourage you, if interested, to read the book. I am not a fanatic about my pets food but I do take it seriously enough just as I do with my families food. Try to limit their exposure and everything in moderation and we all should be good.

Love to you all



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