Raw diet

   I am sure that many people have heard this stuff about a raw diet for dogs but either it sounds gross to them or they do not see what the big hype is. Now in the actual B.A.R.F diet, stands for bones and raw food,  you feed a variety of bones, different meat sources and vegetables and eggs to get a varied diet for proper nutrition. In my case because my dog has allergies I do not rotate meat sources but I do rotate veggies.
   I made the decision a few years ago my dogs would eat duck since the allergies were to possible chicken and beef.  I needed availability of my food source to be readily found including to that sources eggs, internal organs and sold at least online. Duck was the right choice for my dogs not just because they love it but I can buy a whole duck in the Chinese market for $12.00 and the duck eggs along with some internal organs.  What I did not remember in choosing this for source was that duck liver is extremely expensive because they use it to make Foie Gras which is a luxury food like Caviar. I have had to learn to work around this however with the use of vitamins that would have been provided by the liver.
   In the raw diet the organs such as liver, heart, even brains are included in the meal because organs contain many vitamins and to leave this out would decrease the nutritional value of your food. The cheapest form of the raw diet would be to feed chicken or beef although with the price of meat these days it might be changing. I would start with looking where you can buy the cheapest chicken that contains the organs or at least liver and heart. Buy additional liver and hearts which many asian markets carry separate packages of. If you follow the barf diet you would cut up the chicken and feed parts of it to the dog as a meal, bones and all. My dogs are very small so this was not a good option for me so I have a grinder and I choose to grind up the bird, bones and all except for the carcass. I only grind up the wings, i remove all skin that I can and slice up the meat to get it small enough to fit in my grinder. I also steam vegetables at the same time which usually consist of Broccoli, carrots, green beans, occasionally a half a cooked sweet potato, a small amount of cooked celery for roughage, spinach and any other veggie I have on hand. I also steam apples and pears and add a few to the mix. Never use grapes and always check to make sure a dog can have certain fruits and veggies because there are a few that are dangerous to dogs. The other ingredient is Quinoa for me but you can use oatmeal as well. I will give you the proportions of what I add for my one dog Lexy who weighs 11 pounds for a per day mixture-
1oz of duck meat
.79 oz duck liver
1/2 egg
1 sardine
1/3 c veggie mix
1 oz dry quinoa
1/4 tsp flaxseed oil
1/4 tsp safflower oil
1/4 tsp cod liver oil
1 capsule vitamin e
1/4 tsp iodized salt
1/2 tsp eggshell
   This diet was approved by a Veterinarian nutritionist and I manipulate periodically decreasing the Quinoa and add some cooked fruit in proportions equal to what I am using. This whole recipe has been converted to a months supply that i grind and mix together minus the oils and vitamin e and freeze in daily portions. I then feed this every other day with the duck recipe I receive from DARWINS and I have enough food for 2-2 1/2months. Like the B.A.R.F. diet I rotate food sources using what I prepare, buy from DARWINS, and also use PRIMAL frozen raw and dehydrated raw, all in duck formula. DARWIN.comhas 4 or 5 meat sourced balanced diets in raw that come very nicely packaged. You can buy PRIMAL frozen at Krizers pet stores and other speciality pet stores as well as online however shipping raw is very expensive so if you buy online look for the dehydrated raw and you just soak it in warm water for about 10-15 minutes before feeding.
   The most important thing to remember is that just as in your human diet there must be varied amount of different foods to give a well balanced diet and just feeding rice and hamburger daily to a dog is a poor diet. If your interested in this I would suggest working up to it. There is a wealth of sources for diet for animals online these days and many cities have animal nutritionist available who can give you a diet designed just for your animal although they are pricey.

May you be happy today my friend, 


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