So what’s a person to do?

      After reading ingredients and beginning to see the things they are putting in animal food you may be saying to yourself “ I can not afford this animal!” But there are many ways to provide good nutrition. I will address it from the average person who today is on a tight budget but loves their animals.
   If i had to buy a cheap dog food in dry it would be TASTE OF THE WILD at $1.46 a lb. or DIAMOND has a grain free dog food whitefish and potatoes which is pretty good at 1.45 a lb however they have a lot of recalls every year which is another concern.  You are trying to find the absolute best nutrition source for the best money and getting the cheaper brands that are at $1.00 a lb or less are filling the dog with grains and other additives which could just get him to the Veterinarians office sooner than later which in the end costs more.
   So if you start out with Taste of the Wild which you can buy at KRISERS pet stores and online.and buy the largest bag because you get more for your money the larger the bag ;however you do not want so much that it is still sitting around for over a month. For discussion sake we will say your dog requires 1 cup of food twice a day so 2 times a week decrease one feed by half a cup and add some cooked veggies such as broccoli, carrots, green beans and a 1/2 can of sardines or 1 egg and mix it all with his 1/2 cup of dry food. Also you should put a little fish omega 3 oil on his food 1 or 2 times a week. Now you could go with a brand such as Pedigree which for a 46.8 lb bag for 25.00 or $.04 a lb is super cheap but look at the grains—-Ground Whole Corn, Meat and Bone Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Animal Fat (preserved with BHA/Citric Acid), Soybean Meal, Ground Whole Wheat, Brewer’s Rice, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Natural Flavor, Salt and this is only the first few ingredients. You could periodically during the week decrease this by a half a cup each meal and add a cup of fresh cooked veggies and say cooked chicken or hamburger but make sure your dog gets exercise and watch for allergy symptoms.
   Cats are much harder. I can add fresh chicken but only one will eat it. If I put mixed veggies in their food no cat will eat it. Cats are so much more finicky than dogs which is why it is more important to start off with good food they will eat. I only add a omega 3 oil to their food 2x a week.
   Back to the dog, There are so many levels you can go depending on your pocketbook. If you are broke then go with the cheapest food you can find and add a good canned food 1-4 times a week mixing it. Make sure to adjust the proportions and watch your dogs weight. Occasionally give some steamed veggies with a little hamburger added to his dry food. The night I am going to do this, is the night the family has burgers and veggies. You can also buy dry vitamins you can add to dogs food which I would do when I give him veggies and burger and just skip the dry food that night.
   If you can afford dry plus canned, feed canned mixed with the dry at least one meal a day. Try to get a good nutritious canned food if you are using a cheap dry food. Make sure it is grain free and not loaded with rice and other fillers. You have just increased his nutrition and helped to alleviate any vitamin deficiencies. But always remember if you are buying cheap food watch for those allergies. Allergies maintained over time create major health problems as his body will turn on itself.
   I, on the other hand decided the Veterinarian bills were killing me so I feed my cats and dogs only the best and guess what? I now only see her once a year. I had cats that vomited almost every other day which is abnormal, but after switching food to a good brand it has stopped and also they are happier. My dogs allergies have cleared up, she looks and feels healthy and they gained their weight back and have maintained it which is ideal. I spend approx75.00 a month on my dogs to keep them healthy and 60.00 for my cats which i have 5. Animals are not cheap and today Veterinarians are as expensive as you seeing a doctor. I prefer to spend the money on good nutrition and give less to the vets.
   If money is not a problem I would encourage a good dry food such as ACANA, ORIJEN, or CASTOR & POLLUX for both dog and cats. I have told you about canned but for dogs I would consider the new foods out there in the freezer sections of the better pet stores such as STELLA & CHEWY, PRIMAL and raw dog food makers such as DARWINS and others you can find online. Even FRESHET which is in the refridgerated section in Petco, Target and some grocery stores now is a good alternative.  They provide a balanced meal that can be fed daily with using the dry as a supplement. Again it depends on your budget and what you feel is needed. If your animals are in their senior years as with humans they may eat less so proper nutrition is important and many times they have issues with their teeth. Dry food may become increasingly harder for them to chew so canned food maybe a better alternative or mixed with dry and let sit with a little water added.
   Tomorrow I will talk about a raw diet which is what my dogs are on and love it.

B happy and B well my friends.


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