And you!!!

   We looked at your pets and their diet but what about yours? How healthy are you eating these days? Too many people are saying they just don’t have time to prepare food every meal or to eat a meal. Your body is your engine and it takes fuel to run it. If you continue to put a poor grade fuel in your body eventually the machine will begin to fail. Sometimes the mechanics (doctors) can fix it and get it running again; however many times the repairs are too significant.
   Back in the early 90’s, I worked with a cardiac surgeon whom to me was brilliant. One afternoon, he and I started a conversation on his beliefs about cholesterol and heart problems associated with it. He said at that time they really did not know if it was truly the culprit in heart disease and his personal opinion was it was only a small puzzle piece in the bigger picture. He told me that the most important thing to learn was MODERATION. The other thing he felt was important was to only eat things that came from the ground, walked on land or swam in oceans and lakes. It was from that day I changed everything I did in relation to my consumption of food.
   I do not eat the same foods more than twice a week. The only beverage I consume daily is water or coffee or tea. Sodas, Snapple, Starbucks in a jar,  and all the other beverages for sale out there did not start on the earth.  While some of the ingredients may have gotten their start on the earth, man then dipped his hand in and added ingredients that did not start there. I do not buy frozen foods except pure frozen vegetables or fruits and they can not have anything added to them. I consume vegetables daily and a wide variety along with fruits but I rotate them daily. I eat chicken sparingly unless I buy organic because of the antibiotics in poultry. I now eat Quinoa instead of rice because of the arsenic in rice. I eat a lot of varieties of fish. I have over time diminished my use of beef and pork to maybe once a month. I have decreased the amount of sugar I use and mainly use raw sugar or honey.
   I do drink wine and occasional spirits such as whiskey. I stopped using margarine and only use Ghee (which is clarified butter) or butter. I use avocado,olive or safflower oils. Over time just following the simple rule of moderation and only land or sea foods it became easy to know what to pick from a menu at a restaurant. This way of eating has maintained my weight, lowered my cholesterol, improved my health and over all made me feel better. So how do you do this? Simple.
   Every 2 weeks you can have 2 portions of beef, pork, chicken, turkey and fish. This can include eggs as well. If you fix chicken on Monday, you will not have it again till at least Friday. Vegetables you may eat as many and as often as you like although if you are not buying organic then please rotate these somewhat as well and wash them well. Fruits eat as much as you like but again variety is the key and wash them well. For breakfast you may eat oatmeal but not packaged instant, grits but not packaged instant, eggs, and boxed cereal that is either pure multi grain or one grain but be careful with this and read labels. Beverages can be water, tea, coffee, milk or fruit juice if you squeeze it yourself. The prepared juices have too much sugar as well as they add other juices such as apple which these days apple juice is a problem because of arsenic. You can have cheeses but not processed, and only twice a week. Breads can be a issue because of what they add to it to preserve it as well as sugar. If you can, buy local multi grain bread from a bakery or get a bread machine and start making your own. Remember, eat everything in moderation and only land and sea. What you are doing is diminishing the toxic levels from the pesticides they spray on our foods as well as now in our soils, the antibiotics they give to animals and all the chemicals they put in processed foods.
   With the rise in pancreatic cancer, intestinal cancers and liver cancer I do not believe people can continue to eat the way we have for the past 30 to 40 years. It is slowly killing us. Will this guarantee you  that you or a family member will not have cancer? No. But it will diminish your chances of getting a deadly cancer,  compared to your chances if you continue to eat out of boxes, cans and already prepared meals. It is never to late to change the course of your life.

This brilliant doctor was a head of the times and the information he passed to me has been invaluable and easy!
I hope you will consider it today as well.

Be healthy and Be well my friends 


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