Silence with eyes wide open

   Yesterday for the first time in a long time, the sun came out. Texas has had enormous amounts of rain and has seen very little sunshine so when it comes out, I rush out! It was breezy but muggy with temperatures hovering in mid 80”s which is the only good thing about all of this rain, temperatures are staying in the 80’s. I filled bird feeders that had gone empty and cleaned up some of the messes from the latest storms.   A few hours later I noticed a group of 10-15 birds had gathered at the newly filled bird feeder and were fighting. I decided to sit down and watch this calamity. I sat there for 1 hour in silence just observing these birds and watching the birdseed dwindle. Squirrels eventually showed up to join in the festive occasion. For 1 hour as I sat there just watching, not judging just watching in silence. It was wonderful. I wondered after, how many people actually take the time out of their day to sit in nature and just watch? So if you live somewhere that is having better weather than we are I encourage you take 15-30 minutes and go outside. Sit somewhere comfortable. Observe what is around you but don’t label things such as that is a elm tree or that is a bluebird, just observe. Like in meditation notice your breathing but keep your eyes open and watch. Look at the clouds, the form of the trees and their leaves. Watch as birds fly into the trees and watch what they do. Experience the air and if it has a smell, how does it feel on your face? Meanwhile do not allow your mind to process thought. If you begin to have a thought bring your attention fully on the tree or bird. Not only does it make you very relaxed and gathers your mind but it truly connects you with what is around you. If nothing else you may learn something about animals as I did yesterday. Did you know squirrels and birds will coexist when feeding but squirrels will fight between themselves the whole time making loud noises during the fight, whipping their bushy tails back and forth? The birds also argued amongst themselves doing a flying jump on another bird to get him to move to another spot. Amazing what you see and learn when you just sit and observe.
Have a amazing day my friend


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