Meat by-products

   Well isn’t this a can of worms! Literally! Meat by products in the first 3 ingredients is always alarming to me because it is a signal of the quality. Thats like looking at steak and deciding between T-bone and flank steak. Now if you are looking for the lesser of evil at least look for named by-product such as chicken, turkey or beef. At least you will know what animals parts were thrown in a vat and cooked at high temperatures for hours, fat skimmed off to put in dog food later and then dried! YUM!When a label says animal by-products or meat, poultry by-products it is now a masquarade of what animal and is it road kill, euthanized animals from Vets offices, dead or diseased farm animals or zoo animals. Spin the wheel! This is very concerning because what drugs did they use to euthanize that animal, what horrible disease did the animal die with and yep its all cooked up in one vat just for your pooch! YUM! YUM! Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser writes, “Although leading American manufacturers promise never to put rendered pets into their pet food, it is still legal to do so.”

   We know that the animals that are killed every day is for human consumption. That means all the edible, good tasting, healthy meat is removed and sold to humans. The waste product left such as heads, necks, lungs, entrails, feet and fat are served up for Fido! That would be beef by products! Chicken by product gives junior those tasty chicken feet to munch on and call a meal!

   Some bags will profess to have passed animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures and provides complete and balanced nutrition. Feeding trials are very loosely monitored and have very weak standards. Basically a few dogs and I mean a few, are fed the diet for approximately 26 weeks and bloods are drawn after to evaluate health. The bloods drawn only evaluate 4 things, hemoglobin, packed cell volume, serum alkaline phosphatase and albumin. Only a few of the dogs must stay reasonably healthy and the blood levels just have to be maintained within the normal range. It usually take more than 26 weeks for nutritional problems to show up. So in actuality its possible those same dogs dropped dead at the end of the year. Doesn’t this make you feel safe?

   If you want a good horror story to read at bedtime, look into purchasing FOOD PETS DIE You will never be the same again when you walk into a pet store.

   So what did we learn today children? Meat by products bad. Chicken, Beef, Turkey by products so-so. All in all, you want to look for the actual meat! Buy only chicken, beef, turkey, duck or other mammals but not the by product of. Remember, by product means cheap, cheap to make, cheaper for you to buy yes but profit for the manufacturer.

   Gee I think tomorrow I will tackle with a little more depth on Carrageenan but for now I must meditate from the stress!!!!

love to ya



5 thoughts on “Meat by-products”

  1. I stopped giving my dog dogfood years ago. I cook for her. She eats what I eat. Healthy grains, brown rice, fish, veges, apples, chicken, Turkey. She’s healthy, has maintained proper weight (dogfood makes her overweight within a short period of time) and is very happy (No skin allergy issues) . I also give her filtered water from my water pitcher.

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